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I hired this firm to incorporate my organization, the biggest mistake I've made. They first filed under the wrong thing. Then once I found out and complained, they wanted me to pay them again to do it right. I was never able to meet anyone as they're located in they only spoke to me over the phone (to no avail). My emails went unanswered. Incompetence is the rule of the day at this firm. Save yourself the headache and use legalzoom... Read more

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I try in 2009 and now 2015 they are a good firm to do the corporate papers very professional and organized and delivery on time my papers 2 times. good service when you do it online, i recommended to friends that had no internet knowledge and was not good for them. if you expect a good customer service over the phone you better go another firm like face to face of course more expensive service, but you can save... Read more

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I thought everything was squared away and I was on a path to LLC my company. Only to get an email this morning telling me they need more information. I call to inquire - only to be told the order was canceled and he "talked" to someone who said they didn't want to move forward. Lies - since it was my cell phone he said he called. Then I was told that i was wasting his time by bringing up my grievances. Said they did everything right. These... Read more

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Never in my lifetime have I been so disgusted and appalled with the service or in this case, the shoddy service provided by a business. As a client, over the course of multiple months, i've interacted with Claudia Fernandez, Senior Paralegal (my primary contact) and Kerry Baez, Customer Service Supervisor. In mid-January, I'd placed an order to have a corporation reinstated. The docs they created for my signature were missing pertinent... Read more

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We used their mail forwarding service for a number of years. Then one day, out of the blue, they closed down their UK office without any prior warning. We had paid for a mail forwarding service and had nowhere else to forward our mail. I wrote to the owner, Spiegel, but he did not even respond to our email asking for a refund, what to speak of the potential damage they had done due to important mail not being forwarded to us. Complete lack of... Read more

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When I was looking to get incorporated, I called Spiegel & Utrera. I went with Larry’s firm over his competitors because his attorneys were more accessible and friendly and would answer questions on the phone. Larry's objective is to tells you what’s best for your business, even if it’s not always what you want to hear. He usually gets back to me within twelve to twenty-four hours and you can’t ask for much more than that. Mr. Spiegel has... Read more

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I recently requested amerilawyers' services to register my business and they were extremely helpful. They reached out a few times to make sure that everything was okay and if I needed further assistance. If you do a little research, Larry and his staff have been around for 40 years and have served 260 000 clients. That says a lot about this lawfirm and commitment to their clients. I'm very satisfied with they way they handled my case and I would... Read more

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I went to them to setup a new company. Went through their recommendations, which included a partner agreement, but failed to identify the need for an operating agreement. They said they would normally have the paperwork completed in a week, but due to the holidays, wanted to know if I could wait two weeks. I was fine with that, with the provision that I receive the partner agreement in one week as a word doc so I could work on it. They failed to... Read more

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I have called and talked to Jesina, ( LA office ) and give her instructions in writing ( e-mail ) with shipping instructions she completely ignored the instructions. I called her and make sure she was there at the same page looking at her e-mail with shipping instruction. then she shipped the package to the different address. I called her. and she said she did NOT recall anything, and I pulled out the e-mail and sent it to her again. she... Read more

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I have had several corporations form by amerilawyer and would like to say their integrity and ethics are solid. I was once pissed off because they didnot make obvious mistakes so that I could negotiate lower fees Synergy Eng & Const Grp Inc Terry McClain

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