Amerilawyer.com aka: Spiegel & Utrera sold me a corporation that was owned by some very bad people.Also the LLC I got had tax debts and lawsuits.

I tried to get a refund but the said it was my bad luck. Now my business is being audited and I have judgements against me. I don't recomend that buy any of these companies from any of their offices. Also their advice on the phone was pretty much worthless.

I would rather hire a local attorney or tax consultant for basic tax and legal advice.

This company never called me back after I paid them.

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I live in New York City and I'm looking to form a LLC.I already own a separate business as a sole proprietorship.

The filing fee to apply for an LLC in New York State is $200.00. Spiegel & Utrera, P.A. is offering an LLC with all the bells and whistles for $234.95. After carefully reading every review on this site paying special attention to the "fan" rebuttals I have come to the following conclusion.

The comments made praising this company are being made by the company in response to the bad press. That is obvious to me, but maybe not to some. I wouldn't recommend that anyone whose had the good sense to take the time out to research this firm and have made it this far run as fast as you can. If it sounds to good to be true.

IT IS!Run Lulu Run.

to Native New Yorker Dunnellon, Florida, United States #1188078

I think the biggest issue here is the person forming the company.

I am a business owner and used them for 2 LLC's. I used them because a friend/roommate recommended them their thought (and mine now) is that Amerilawyer costs the consumer about $35 extra.

Not only does it come down to "what is my time worth" I don't have to worry about making a mistake (like I originally did with not electing S corp for IRS with my first LLC) and if I want to pay Office Depot $30 for their bundle with rubber stamp and etc.

I think uneducated people to the business world or people who are expecting MORE are the main issue. I found this because I am trying to form a third LLC (rental property) and googled "amerilawyer promo code" and though "uh oh, did they go downhill or something"

Bloomfield, New Jersey, United States #780644

I used their service here in NJ to create an LLC.It was the cheapest I could find on the web.

I thought that they did a very good job for the money. Now I have gone back to them to get another LLC rolling.

Granted its just an LLC, so I don't have experience with anything that is serious in the legal realm.But I think that they are legit and would recommend them to others.

Chicago, Illinois, United States #756032

AmeriLawyer is the low price leader with over 240,000 happy Clients.


Your just a liar and a competitor.

Houston, Texas, United States #691876

i ordered corporation,for delaware , and was ripped off.i've been waiting for a year to incoporate or return my money.............to no avail!

Sharks!beware of natalia.

New York City, New York, United States #660598

Submitted detailed job requirements for a corporate agreement between partners, paid the quote provided.

Waited for 7+ months to get the "job done" just to be presented with an empty template of a standard agreement between partners (Downloadable from Google)

Spend days fixing the template and plugging in information pertinent to my business. Sent the correction back to the company, and was presented with an asinine quote to make the corrections to a template which was never customized for my business to begin with.

Once I voiced my concern to the company that the money was paid for a service that was not rendered, I got a reply back that no further work will be done unless I pay them more money again.

Overall this is the worst, and the most irritating and least professional experience I had with ANY company.

When I asked for a refund for the “provided services” I was presented with a breakdown of charges that never happened. Items were added to my order that were never requested or delivered…and when I spoke to the main attorney at the company Mr. Larry Spiegel about the issue I am having, and presented him with a copy of my actual order VS. what the company claims it was, he went out of his way to antagonize me further until he eventually said that no work or refunds will be issued for me no matter what i do.


Is surely connected to some shady characters. One company they incorporated is connected with bogus donations boxes popping up around Fl that sells clothing donated under guise of charity. Sovereign Planet.


i have used their services in new Jersey.I Incorporated through them 2 times with out any incident.

I got through to them by phone and email. i am about to do another Corporation right now. i am surprised to read negetive review on them. I am going ahead anyway.

Let me see what will happen this time.I will keep you posted


So what happened to the law suit Amerilawyer filed?Let me guess, parties settled out of Court with both sides claiming victory...


Spiegel and Utrera, not nearly as facy as they think they are and Spiegel is quite frankly a little abrasive to deal with.But hey, that is just my opinion, hope I don't get sued by them!!

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